Training | Week 5

Well, it looks like Week 5 turned into a “recovery week” too. That annoying pain in my knee was back, and this time it brought a +1 to the party for my other knee.

If I had to describe what I’m feeling, I think the easiest explanation would be quick, sharp pains on every side of my knee every time my foot strikes the ground. My legs feel so weak as if they’re going to buckle, they ache, and almost nothing can soothe the pain. Running obviously aggravates my knees, but even walking irritates them on certain days. I swear I feel like an old lady sometimes from the way my knees creak and crack almost every time I bend them!

But I think the most frustrating part of this whole training process is that mentally, I know I can do this. Physically, well, that part is a little shaky at the moment. There’s no other way to describe it, it just sucks. Especially when you have such a powerful desire to do something, and then something even more powerful is stopping you from actually following through. It’s frustrating, depressing, and incredibly discouraging.

I needed some inspiration so in lieu of my long run this past weekend, I watched “Gleason” – a documentary about Steve Gleason and his battle with ALS. He originally started filming his journey as a video diary to his son, Rivers, but it quickly turned into a brutal representation of how aggressive this disease is and how fast it can progress. The documentary showed his struggle and the grueling pain he had to endure day in and day out. But it also showed Steve’s unexpected positive outlook on life. A man who was just diagnosed with a terminal illness, was determined to live his life to the fullest. He was not giving up.

Suddenly my stupid little knee injuries felt like just that, stupid little injuries. Being reminded of the physical, mental and emotional stress ALS patients go through for the duration of their illness really put everything into perspective for me. No amount of pain that I feel will ever compare to what they have to go through on a daily basis. Running this race is the least I can do to help them, and if I have to go through some rough patches to get there, then so be it.

To try and make those rough patches a little more bearable, I decided to go see Dr. Ian Nurse at Wellness in Motion who specializes in active release therapy.  As a seasoned marathon runner himself, I’m hoping he can “fix me” and give some advice for the remaining months before the race. Fingers crossed everything goes well!

My mantra for this upcoming week: good vibes only. I’m feeling hopeful and looking forward to getting back on the pavement soon!

Check out my Crowdrise page to donate to my campaign & support the ALS Association:

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