Training | Week 7

Week 7 was a good one (finally). I had another active release therapy (ART) session last Monday and Dr. Ian cleared me to try and go for a run. Tuesday was the night and I was terrified to hit the streets. I was feeling a lot better with a couple ART sessions under my belt and my brand new orthotics, but I was still nervous that my body wasn’t going to be ready to get back into training.

It was around 30 degrees that night, but with the wind it felt a lot colder. I got home from work, bundled up, stretched, and got ready to give this another try. I did some walking to get warmed up and started my playlist to get “in the zone.” (You already know I had some new JT songs on there). I started to pick up the pace a little bit and was actually shocked that I didn’t have any pain. Pushed myself some more and tried to run a little faster than my goal marathon pace – still no pain. It was amazing. I started to get some discomfort from breaking in my new orthotics so I decided to just crank out a few miles on the first night back.

I couldn’t believe it…NO KNEE PAIN! That was just what I needed after a rough couple weeks filled with doubt, uncertainty, and well, pain. I felt hopeful about the weeks to come and was really excited to get back on track with my routine.

After looking at my training plan, I think I’m going to re-evaluate the number of days I’m running per week. I just want to be cautious of how much stress I’m putting on my knees whether it’s through pounding the pavement or the treadmill. I even connected with a few runners on Instagram that said some of their training plans were only 4-day run weeks in an effort to be more conservative due to injuries. Feeling good about this decision so far!

I didn’t get a chance to run again after Tuesday, but I was able to get some strength training in before heading to Buffalo, NY for a quick galentine’s weekend with my friends from college! Although the festivities included pizza, mac and cheese, and a few drinks…I was able to get a littleeee work in at a partner yoga class on Saturday. Instead of flowing through different poses, it was more of a “just for fun” class to help you get closer to your partner. We did more laughing than steady breathing, but the whole thing was such a cool experience. (Check out our terrible form below lolol)

Going into Week 8 with a new training plan and a positive mindset. Plus, it’s about halfway to race day so it’s time to kick it up a notch 😉

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