Training | Week 9

Just a quick update this week since nothing too exciting happened on the training front 🙂

Got in a couple runs, one being just under 10 miles and they felt pretty good. My legs weren’t tired, I only got that pesky pain in my knees once or twice, and I was able to keep my endurance up for majority of the run. Honestly, that’s a win in my book!

The weather was super wonky this week – 40s one day, sunny and 65 the next, over 70 DEGREES the next day, and then back to 30s and snow after that. WTF? The spring weather was such a tease and I’m hoping it comes back soon. Maybe next week since this upcoming week is filled with rain, snow, and dreaded 40 degree temps. Ugh.

Aside from my training runs, I was busy running around doing last-minute errands for my fundraising event this weekend. It’s always crazy trying to get everything done before an event, but with this one especially I felt like time flew by! Luckily I was able to get everything done and the event went off without a hitch. A super successful night that ended with me raising over $1,000 for my Boston Marathon campaign!!! I’ll be writing a full recap of the event this week so stay tuned for the scoop.

Today also marks 50 days until the race so you can bet that I’m kicking training into high gear this week. Let’s get it!

Check out my Crowdrise page to donate to my campaign & support the ALS Association:

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