Training | Week 14

Another week in the books, even though there weren’t a ton of miles logged. Instead, this week was all about treating my injury and resting.

On Monday I booked a sports massage with Todd, a therapist at Wellness in Motion. I never had a sports massage before so I didn’t really know what to expect, but I had a feeling it was going to be painful. Aaaand it was 😮 Todd focused on my legs and tried to work out my calves and areas on my feet where I was feeling the most pain. I didn’t think I was going to make it through some parts, but I just kept breathing through it. My legs and feet were a lot better after the session, but I felt like I needed a real relaxing massage to make up for the hour of torture I just put myself through!

I went to my ART appointment on Thursday and told Dr. Nurse about the past week. We ruled out a fracture and plantar fasciitis based on the location of the pain, but he still wasn’t sure what the cause was. He looked at my new shoes and started to think they were the problem – if they were too narrow it could be creating inflammation on the side of my foot (blaming my flat and extra wide feet again for this one). He suggested that I get a new pair of shoes ASAP!

So I went back to Marathon Sports (no luck) and then I tried Heartbreak Hill Running Company to get their opinion. I completely exhausted all women sneakers options, so I was forced to start trying men’s styles. They were still pretty narrow and if I wanted “wide” I would have to order them and wait a week for them to come in. That timing made me nervous because it only gave me a week to break them in before race day.

I decided to take a step back and look at my options. I tried different combinations of sneakers, regular inserts and my orthotics and I realized that I had the most pain when I had my orthotics in. I originally got them to give extra support in my old sneakers for my knees, but maybe I didn’t need them in my new sneakers? I wanted to test it. I walked around a little bit with the regular inserts – no pain! It was a little sore, but for the most part it felt pretty good. I was ready to give running another try…

Hit the pavement this afternoon and only got a couple miles in, but it was enough to prove to me that the pain was definitely from my orthotics. I think I FINALLY found the problem! My feet didn’t hurt during the run and they were only a little irritated when I got home. (I think it was just from getting back into the groove 🙂 ) I also felt super uncoordinated which was weird, but ended on a good note and held a good pace.

All in all, this weekend was pretty great! I got to run again, walked around and enjoyed the beautiful SPRING weather, checked out the newly re-opened New Balance store, and watched Jersey Shore re-runs to get ready for the premiere this upcoming Jerzday 😉 It was a million times better than last weekend.

New Balance store has their #ThisIsBoston collection out! Singlets for each Boston neighborhood!

Looking forward to getting a couple low milage runs in this week and taking advantage of this beautiful weather. Week 15, I’m ready for ya!

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