Training | Week 11

Week 11, where the hell did you come from? It’s still sooo crazy to me that I only have 5 weeks of training left 😮

This week was a roller coaster with a few lows, but even more highs. I mentioned last week that I was having some pain in my left foot; it was so bad after my long run this week that I couldn’t even stand on it without almost falling over. I was almost positive that I fractured it and was mentally preparing for the feeling of disappointment that would soon take over.

I had my routine appointment with Dr. Ian Nurse at Wellness in Motion and explaining my new foot injury was the first thing on my agenda that morning. He examined it and based on where the pain in my foot was, he was certain it wasn’t a stress fracture – YES! Instead, he thought it was coming from my laces – WHAT? I was so confused. I mean, it couldn’t be that simple could it? Well, it turns out he was right! I started lacing my sneaks differently to alleviate any pressure in that area and BAM good as new. I ran with no pain for the rest of the week!

The snow kept me from hitting the pavement, but it sure is pretty!

The shitty weather this week kept me from doing some of my runs outside so I resorted to the gym in my apartment building for some cardio & strength sessions and made a couple visits to MyStryde. Boy was it good to be back! I held off on taking any classes there for a few weeks with all my injuries, but I got the OK from Dr. Nurse and was ready to get back on the “dreadmill.”

I took a Runner’s Strength class and a Stryde Plus Core class – two of my faves! The first was just a full body workout on the mats, but the second was an intense treadmill workout with some core exercises on the mat at the end. Tough is an understatement. This class makes you WORK! Hill intervals, sprints, and long distance pushes for 30+ minutes literally exhausts all your energy. But damn did it feel good to really run fast again. I got up to 8.0 for speed which is a pretty big deal for me!

The rest of the week was a lot of running around making sure I had everything in place for my last big fundraiser – the Lucky Charm Bar Crawl. I’m a huge believer that the little details make a big difference so I spent my time prepping everything and making sure it was perfect before I flew home for the event. Full recap will be up in a few days, but here’s a spoiler… I REACHED MY FUNDRAISING GOAL! This was by far the biggest “high” of the week!

Writing this post a little late, but I can already say that Week 12 is off to a great start! Ready to give it all I have this last month before the race 🙂

Check out my Crowdrise page to donate to my campaign & support the ALS Association:

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